Aoife Duncan
Visual Artist
Roscommon, Ireland

social: @holy_holy_midlands

2020 Special Purpose Award in Training and Development, with Distinction, Athlone Training Centre QQI Level 6, Ireland
2017 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art (Ceramics) with First Class Honours, G.M.I.T, Ireland
2016 B.A. Art & Design with Distinction, G.M.I.T, Ireland
2013 Major Certificate in Art & Design with Distinction, Moate Business College, Ireland

2021 Stills: Midland’s Religious Statues on expired 35mm, Tuar Ard Arts Centre, Co.Westmeath, Ireland (Solo Exhibition)
2021 From my [Mother’s] Time and Before: Poems on a Demolished Roscommon Secondary school, Ireland Chapbook by A. Duncan, Self-published through KDP Publishing

2021 Arcadia, Curating Futures Artist Community, Virtual Exhibition, UK
2021 Home Sweet Home, Virtual Exhibition within a Dolls House, Surrey, London, UK
2021 Open Fragment, curated by Pragmata Collective, Online Exhibition, London, UK
2021 CATALYST, curated by Stoa Collective, Dublin, Ireland, Online Exhibition
2021 RE-VISION Performing Arts Festival, Belfast, Ireland, Online Exhibition
2021 Photography with Fresh Eyes Project, Westmeath Libraries, Ireland, Online Exhibition
2018 Art and the Vote: the Visual Culture of the Irish Women’s Suffrage Campaign, Luan Gallery, Athlone, Ireland
2017 Graduate Degree Show, Centre for Creative Arts and Media,G.M.I.T, Galway, Ireland
2016 EMBARK Undergraduate Degree Show, Connacht Tribune, Galway, Ireland
2014 Beyond the Surface: An Exhibition of Student Work in Collaboration with the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life, Turlough House, Castlebar, Centre for Creative Arts and Media,G.M.I.T, Galway, Ireland
2013 Annual Exhibition, Moate Business College, Westmeath, Ireland

2021 Agility Award, the Arts Council of Ireland
2021 Individual Artist Bursary, Roscommon County Council, Ireland
2016 Future Makers Award, Judges Spotlight category, Design and Crafts Council of Ireland

2020 Virtual Residency ‘Together/Separately’, Cel Del Nord, Barcelona
2020 Project DUNA : Creative Practice and Poetry Exchange, Barcelona

2020 Arts Cabaret/FAXBOX Project, Roscommon, Ireland, Online Exhibition
2020 Flow Tales, Funded by Kültür Için Alan (Spaces of Culture) Turkey, Online

2020 Fragmented Magazine Issue 01 [Location] New York City, New York https://fragmentedmagazine.com/projects/

2018 - 2020 Full-time Gallery Assistant, Luan Gallery, Athlone, Ireland
2019 Child Safeguarding Training (Tulsa Children First)
2018 Certificate in Art Therapy for Socio-educational Intervention, University Europa Miguel de Cervantes, Barcelona
2018 Certificate in Cultural Activities Coordination, University Europa Miguel de Cervantes, Barcelona
2016 Invigilation Co-ordinator, EMBARK at Connaught Tribune, Galway, Ireland
2016 Art Teaching Assistant (work experience) Galway Community College, Galway, Ireland
2015 Gallery Invigilator, TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, Galway, Ireland
2015 Gallery Invigilator, Galway Design Week, Galway, Ireland
2015 Printmaking Workshop Assistant, Galway Design Week, Galway, Ireland
2013 Art Teaching Assistant (Leonardo European Project Scholarship), St Ignatius
College, Barcelona
2013 Mural Painting Assistant (sensory garden for children and people with
disabilities), with Fidelity Investments July 4th Team Days, Clonbrusk, Athlone, Ireland
2012 Art Teaching Assistant for people with disabilities (work experience)
RehabCare, Athlone, Ireland
2012-2014 Art Camp Assistant for children aged 4-12, Athlone Community Services,
Athlone, Ireland
2010-2017 Art Workshop Assistant for under 5’s, Athlone Community Services,
Athlone, Ireland